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PopPov is a group of academic researchers and funders from around the globe studying the ways that population dynamics affect economic outcomes.
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  • Vimal Ranchhod and Arden Finn's recent SALDRU working paper, Estimating the short run effects of South Africa's Employment Tax Incentive on youth employment probabilities using a difference-in-differences approach, has sparked an intense debate in the South African media recently. The Treasury has released a statement that in the first year since its introduction, 29,000 employers have claimed tax relief under the incentive, corresponding to 270,000 new youth hires. However, Ranchhod and Finn found that in the first six months after its introduction, there was no evidence that the incentive had had any statistically significant and positive effect on youth employment probabilities.

  • September 2015: Hans-Peter Kohler and Jere Behrman are participating in the Post-2015 Consensus, which brings together the world's top economists, NGOs, international agencies, and businesses to identify the UN MDGs with the greatest benefit-to-cost ratio for the next development agenda.

  • February 2015: Researcher Katerini Storeng recently co-authored the article "Politics and practices of global health: Critical ethnographies of health systems" in Global Public Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice.

  • April 2015: The Population Association of America (PAA) is a nonprofit, scientific, professional organization established to promote the improvement, advancement and progress of the human race through research of problems related to human population. The PAA 2015 Annual Meeting will be held in San Diego, California from April 30 to May 2. The conference will cover topics including population dynamics, sexual and reproductive health, family planning, and economic development.

    Download a schedule of PopPov researchers presenting, chairing, or serving as discussants at PAA.

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